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Furnace Tune ups

Winter is fast approaching, and for homeowners, it's a tough time when it comes to heating bills, and furnaces.

But you're in luck! Direct Air Systems LTD. has smashing deals on furnace repair service, and tune-ups!

Don't leave your furnace without a good Tune up.

Call Furnace Experts at 416-268-1115.

Get an excellent Furnace Tune up on your furnace today by our furnace tune up specialist at Direct Air Systems LTD.

Furnace Tune Up Benefits:

• Lower utility bills with a good tune up service

• You get Extended Furnace and Heating equipment life with a good tune up service

• Fewer repairs, breakdowns, and improved system reliability with a good tune up service

• Increased heating capacity when our tune up specialist performs the furnace tune up

• Priority service scheduling

• Peace of mind for you and your family by having a reliable tune up specialist looking after your furnace

Our Furnace Tune-Up Procedure Includes • Inspect and tighten all electrical connections and terminals.

• • Inspect, clean, and adjust main gas burners.

• Remove, clean, and adjust ignition/pilot assembly.

• Inspect heat-exchanger(s) & combustion chambers for cracks, rusting, or problem areas.

• Inspect the flue assembly and test furnace flue gas drafting mechanism.

• • Test and inspect all furnace safety controls.

• • Test, and adjust gas pressure.

• Inspect and clean furnace blower motor, drive mechanism and fan assembly.

• Lubricate all fan motors and all moving parts,

• Adjust blower for correct airflow.

• Adjust and set proper blower speed.

• Clean, test, and calibrate thermostat.

• Measure heating system output.

• Test thermocouple output as well as pilot safety switch.

• Measure electrical voltage, amperage, and component resistance.

• Inspect and test all system transformers, relays, contactors, and controls. Measure performance

• Seal minor air leaks in plenum and return airdrop.

• Perform a thorough, electronic carbon monoxide check of the house.

• Advise customer on other ways to reduce energy consumption, improve safety and enhance comfort.

Experienced professionals performing furnace installations, furnace repairs and furnace tune up with the high standards that our clients rely on.


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