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Furnace Installation Bolton

Furnace Installations

Direct Air Systems LTD. has been servicing and installing home furnaces and heating systems since 1985.

Whether it is a new installation or replacing an existing heating system, we will visit your home, with no cost or obligation to you, to access your needs and provide you with a free written quotation.

Direct Air Systems LTD. Furnace Installations, specializes in converting oil and electric heating systems in gas or geo-thermal. We also offer brand new installed furnaces that are top quality brands, at competitive prices in Bolton.

Direct Air Systems LTD Healthy Home Installation experts are your best option to help you select and install the perfect Eco Friendly and high efficiency heating furnace that will keep your home or office warm and your family comfortable. Every Furnace Installation is the Perfect Installation with our highly trained technicians.

According to Consumer Reports about our heating system installations, the single most important part of a furnace replacement is selecting a trusted Company who can install the furnace well and then maintain it properly at lowest cost..

Furnace Installation Bolton

You can trust us at Direct Air to not only check and repair your heating system and furnace, also to set up a new heating system with all your consideration.
Direct air furnace repair and installation ensures that you receive the best possible furnace & heating repair service to keep your family safe and warm in Bolton. you can talk to one our furnace & heating repair specialists for an estimate.

Our services in Direct Air are included: repairing all kind of brands and models.
24/7 emergency service
most experienced and educated repair technician and installer technicians

Furnace Instalations Bolton

We cover our furnace installations with our exceptional guaranty and a contract that outlines every aspect of the furnace installation process. Customers trust Direct Air Systems LTD, because we do what we promise. We provide unparalleled customer service and we back it up with industry-leading furnace expertise.

Direct Air Systems LTD. Furnace Installations in Bolton:

Our Healthy Installation Home Technicians receive extensive training on the latest furnace technology.

A great furnace installation is all about moving air efficiently around the house. That's why we carefully measure the sheet metal fittings to be used and custom-design them in our furnace fabrication shop. This results in a better fit and better overall furnace heating performance after installation.

When our Healthy Installation Home Technicians complete the furnace heating installation, we ensure everything we do is documented and a copy of this record is left with you for future reference.

We also leave the complete furnace heating installation and owner's manual for the furnace in our custom-made document sleeve, attached right to your furnace, so you have it whenever you need it.


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